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This article by David Masci details current issues in the continent of South America. He informs the reader of street riots in La Paz, Bolivia, brought on by the president raising taxes and cutting governmental aid programs. It left 29 dead in its wake.  In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has resorted to semi-dictoral measures, such as arresting those who oppose him. As a nation that both practices and endorses democracy, America should be concerned with these shows of totalitarianism. Brazil and Argentina currently monopolize the economy of South America as a whole, while most of the other nations suffer from poverty brought on by shaky economic backgrounds. This weak financial state has led to the election of many communist-like populist leaders, such as Chavez, in these countries, in hopes of a better life for the lower classes. Because of this, many “fear for the survival of democracy on the continent,” as stated in Masci’s article. If Americans cannot find it within themselves to be global citizens, as is sometimes the case, they should at least be troubled by the existence of radicals and dictators so near to their homeland, and seek to eliminate or neutralize them. If enough economic aid was to be given to these nations, there would no longer be a need for rebellion or socialism, hopefully allowing democracy to take root. -ET


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